About Inhoudelijke Zaken

About Inhoudelijke Zaken

onno_aerdenInhoudelijke Zaken BV was established in December 2011 as company that provides advisory services regarding public affairs and communication matters, journalistic productions and media management.

Owner and sole shareholder is Onno Aerden (Breda, Netherlands, 1967), who for the past 25 years has earned his spurs in numerous leadership positions within the (printed) media. Aerden also is (co-) author of a Dutch teaching book about news selection (1995) and columnist of the weekly magazine that goes with leading Dutch financial newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad, ‘FD Persoonlijk’, and the website of the Dutch Media network.

“Optimism, curiosity, knowledge, tact, suppleness, and above all: the ability to inspire”, describes Aerden his skills.

Aerden previously worked as Chief Editor, Creative Director and Publisher at publishing houses (Gijrath Media Group, Sanoma Mens Magazines, Credits Media), and before that as an editor at RTL news and, in the first half of the 1990s, as a teacher at the School of Journalism and Communication in Utrecht.

In (1997), Aerden created the website Zoook.nl for buying and selling of goods and services though video commercials. With moderate success. But plenty of fun.

Aerden is co-owner of publishing house ‘Better Life Publishers’, which publishes books that enrich our lives. Via Inhoudelijke Zaken, Aerden is also bookable as Chairman and debate leader.

Aerden was candidate Member of Parliament for the Dutch Conservative Liberal Party VVD in 2010. He established a VVD-supported Dutch website that aims to enhance the dialogue between VVD MPs and entrepreneurs and business owners in the Netherlands.

Aerden is a graduate of the University of Amsterdam, Bachelor in Communication Science and also studied Political Sciences.

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