Media production

"Compelling and involved writing clearly is a passion of Inhoudelijke Zaken."


Inhoudelijke Zaken can execute the complete media production process from idea into book, magazine or web site. Onno Aerden has a lot of relevant experience as Chief Editor and Publisher for numerous public magazines and sponsored magazines. For the production of media, Inhoudelijke Zaken works as a trusted team of media and communications experts. These include seasoned Art Directors, on- and offline editors, printing houses and photographers.

Aerden also publishes articles for the magazine ‘FD Persoonlijk’ of the Dutch leading financial newspaper ‘Financieele Dagblad’ Aerden. Those include the weekly column ‘Man van de Wereld’ (‘Man of the World’) as well as regular interviews with Dutch entrepreneurs and CEO’s. At the request of the FD newspaper Aerden also writes leading essays on style and luxury.

Except for magazines, Inhoudelijke Zaken also delivers articles for web sites of clients, expert-blogs as Dutch Media Network and other on-and offline media.

Inhoudelijke Zaken is owner of publishing house Better Life Publishers, that produces and publishes books, whether or not in command.